Should you go for mobile phone contracts or SIM only contracts?

topic4Mobile phones have wondrously changed our lives to a point where we can’t imagine going a day without them. Nowadays, we depend on our mobile phones for virtually everything. We use it for communication, help with directions, research on the internet, recording videos and everything in between you can think of. However, majority of people across the UK have this fallacious belief that owning a mobile phone and having a contract for the same go hand in hand. This is not the case as there are many SIM only contracts that can go a long way in providing you with a better deal as opposed to going for a mobile phone contract.

The understanding among many UK residents is that mobile phone contracts offer the best deal when you make a comparison with the Pay As You Go. The idea, uninformed as it may, is that going for a mobile contract has the best benefits as compared to going for a SIM only contract. Is this the case? The only way to answer this is to make a comparison of the two and hopefully, have you make a decision based on what you have learnt.

To begin with, let us take a look at mobile phone contracts. Essentially, with a mobile phone contract, you have to grapple with a number of things such as:

  • The length of the contract
  • Maximum data allowed
  • Deposit you are required to make
  • The cost you need to pay monthly
  • Quantity of minutes available for use
  • The specific device you want
  • Other offers designed to make the deal attractive

Unfortunately, majority of us fallaciously buy handsets through the mobile phone contracts without having an actual understanding of the cost we are paying for a particular mobile device as well as the cost of the service offered by a given network. Of course, this is a tactic employed by network providers designed to make their deals attractive or in Simpler terms, to hoodwink scores of people into believing that going for a mobile contract is the only way.

The belief that a mobile phone contract comes with a free handset is actually a lie. You usually pay for it monthly throughout your mobile phone contract. In fact, the principle of economics states that there is no such thing as a free lunch. What is free to you is actually a cost to someone else. Therefore, the whole marketing ploy that you get a free phone is nothing more than a marketing gimmick designed to get people to go for mobile phone contracts. In fact, if you chose to shop around and purchase a phone, you will notice that you will save money as compared to when you go for a mobile phone contract. That being said, there are indeed many benefits of going for a mobile phone contract especially if you have bad credit or does not have money to buy a new phone from the shop.

What’s more? Shopping around for a phone accords you to get one that is unlocked or you can unlock at a very small price. The advantage is that you get to go for SIM only contracts that best meet your needs and expectations. By buying a mobile phone separately and shopping around for a SIM only contract, you end up saving more money that you would with a mobile phone contract that locks you in a given network for 12 months. What’s more? SIM only contracts are for 30 days and you can always switch if you get an even better offer. However, in order to get the best SIM only contract deals, making use of comparison sites such as Comparisim is in order.

From this comparison site you can get info about all SIM contract only service providers across the UK. In conclusion, if you are not in bad credit and have the money, it’s important that you shop for a mobile phone and SIM only contract separately. You will always get a better deal that way.

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