Mobile phone deals no credit check

topic3Before the recession and global credit crunch set in motion, credit checks before approval of any mobile phone contracts were a norm rather than the exception. At the time, people with bad credit did not have the luxury of enjoying mobile phone deals that people with a healthy history did. They were always rejected based on their credit score and this by all means is something that did not augur well with them. However, post the global credit crunch, companies in the UK relaxed the rules and individuals with bad credit were able to get approved for mobile phone contracts without their credit rating becoming a stumbling block.

Credit checks are no longer mandatory for most mobile phone contracts across the UK. If any, most UK companies will acknowledge the fact that mobile phone deals with no credit check have immensely helped them acquire more customers than it were when credit checks were a hindrance and a means to discriminate against those with low credit score.

Mobile phone deals no credit check have given people with bad credit a new lease of life. They no longer have to feel like outcasts or as if they are second class humans simply because of their credit rating. People with a poor credit rating can now enter into a contract with majority of mobile providers and get a worthy deal for whatever package they choose. But what are some of the advantages of going for mobile phone deals no credit check?

  • As a customer, you don’t have to grapple with a lot of paper work before you can be approved.
  • Considering the fact that no credit checks are done, approval is pretty fast and within hours
  • If you are applying online, all you need to do is provide proof of where you reside and make a determined down payment that basically acts as a guarantee.
  • The application is hassle free and pretty simple.

There is no denying that the aforementioned benefits/advantages are pretty attractive for a person who has been worried sick because of their poor credit rating. However, a coin has two sides and mobile phone deals with no credit checks are not an exception. There are also limitations that people who go for them have to contend with. What are they?

  • Some mobile phone deals do not provide international calls and MMS facilities which by all means puts the applicants at a disadvantage.
  • The applicant has access to fewer mobile devices to choose from which limits their preference.
  • The upfront fee to be paid is sometimes too high and unfavorable
  • Applicants are required to commit to a period longer than the standard 12 months.

That notwithstanding, mobile phone deals no credit check provide individuals with bad credit across the UK an opportunity to work towards getting a better deal in the foreseeable future. Individuals with poor credit can get their contract revised if they always pay their bills on time. Reliability is something that mobile phone providers in the UK take seriously.

All in all, mobile phone deals with no credit checks have changed the ball game for people with bad credit. They no longer have to deal with disappointments of being declined but only need to be careful with the provider they choose to ensure that they get the best deals.

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