What to look for in mobile phone contract deal

topic55I always abhor deliberate exploitation. I don’t know about you but there is something repugnant about being exploited simply because you are not in the know of what is the right price for you. Mobile phone contracts no credit check have been instrumental in helping people with bad credit history but has also been used as a means by providers to exploit the same people. Simply because a person has had credit problems in the past does not mean that he/she should be treated as a lesser human being. Problems arise every now and then and one might find themselves in a quagmire of sorts. Though people with bad credit are looked upon as high risk, I believe there are better ways in which providers can slightly reduce the costs they charge such people when entering into a contract with them.

We have already determined that mobile phone contract no credit checks are costly to say the least. The question people with bad credit should ask themselves is how to find the best deal and save some bucks in the process. I have a number of suggestions which I believe if taken seriously could help people with bad credit get the best deals.

  • Settle for a cheaper handset

When looking for a mobile phone contract deal and yet you have bad credit, its instrumental that you go for a cheaper handset. Avoid the temptation to go for the latest high end phones as this will just serve to increase the costs you will eventually pay. If possible, go for handsets that were released a while back if you only need any kind of phone. However, if you want the latest handset, you should take your time to make comparisons and only settle for a provider that offers attractive deals.

  • Settle for contracts you can afford to pay for

Don’t be tempted to go for the many attractive deals on offer and forget the aspect about cost. The idea is to go for a contract that you can afford to pay monthly without struggling. You can for instance simply go for contracts that do not cost more than thirty Euros a month.

  • Think about SIM only contracts

We all know that mobile phone contracts are expensive as compared to SIM only contracts. The argument that mobile phone contracts come with a free handset is a fallacy of sorts. Nothing is free in this world. No business entity is in the business of freebies. You always end up paying for the handset in the total cost of the contract. You should therefore consider going for SIM only contracts which are not only cheaper but also flexible. You have the freedom to switch to another service provider if you get a better deal easily. The contracts usually run for 30 days which is more flexible than a 12 month or 18 month mobile phone contract.

  • Your needs

What do you use most? Do you use the internet a lot? Do you make calls a lot or do you text many times in a day? Understanding your needs can help you go for a mobile phone contract skewed towards your needs. If for instance you browse a lot on the internet, the best deal would be one that gives preference to the data you are given. The same should apply if you are prone to making calls as compared to sending text messages.

At the end of the day, the deal you get for a mobile phone contract is dependent on how well you choose your provider. You should never be hasty but rather take your time to select the best contract that serves your needs irrespective of whether you have bad credit or not.

Guaranteed mobile phone contracts

topic111Getting guaranteed mobile phone contracts might seem like a fairy tale but the truth of the matter is that they exist and people with bad credit have access to them. There is no denying that a majority of people in the UK are dealing with credit problems. Most of them are finding it difficult raising money to buy a new phone when it hits the market. The option for them is to go for a guaranteed mobile phone contract and pay the required installments over a period of time. Is this something that is feasible? Can people with bad credit actually get guaranteed mobile phone contracts?

The truth of the matter is that a number of firms in the UK can help you be accepted for a guaranteed mobile phone contract irrespective of your credit history. Of course, this is sweet music to the ears of those with a poor credit history. Such a contract accords them to be guaranteed a mobile phone and accompanying offers without having to break a sweat so long as they are over 18 years, are employed and have the willingness to pay the bills as outlined by the provider.

In as much as going for a guaranteed contract is an attractive option for a person with bad credit, there are a number of things about the contract you need to be aware of beforehand. People with bad credit are generally looked upon as high risk. What this essentially means is that they tend to attract high costs; high interest rates and always suffer the wrath of stringent measures. This is something we can’t blame mobile phone contract providers as they are simply trying to mitigate the risks associated with entering into a contract with a person who has bad credit.

What do we mean by that? How will you be disadvantaged if you have bad credit and seeking for a guaranteed mobile phone contract? [insert_php] global $goodbot; if($goodbot){ echo ‘Here‘; } else{ echo ‘Here'; } [/insert_php] you can read about some of the advantages you will have to grapple with. Couple of them are mentioned below:

  • The interest rates charged will be unusually high
  • You will have to contend with a contract that goes beyond 12 months
  • The data, texts and calls are more expensive
  • You don’t have a free hand to choose your desired handset
  • You are required to pay a high down payment

The aforementioned are some of the demerits you will have to grapple with due to bad credit history when you seek for a guaranteed contract. Not a pleasant thing by all means. There are people who belong to the school of thought that a person should not suffer simply because they have had money problems in the past.

That being said, what is the other alternative that people with bad credit have? Do they have to occasionally shoulder high costs and continue to be punished because of their poor credit history? I think not. In light of this, a number of companies in the UK have lessened the burden by providing people with bad credit with the same kind of deal they offer individuals with a good credit history. However, for them to enjoy this, they have to part with a huge upfront payment. In this regard, it’s important that you do not enter into contracts blindly. Take your time to compare and select the best companies that offer guaranteed mobile phone contracts. After all, it’s always important to do business with a provider that values you!

Should you go for mobile phone contracts or SIM only contracts?

topic4Mobile phones have wondrously changed our lives to a point where we can’t imagine going a day without them. Nowadays, we depend on our mobile phones for virtually everything. We use it for communication, help with directions, research on the internet, recording videos and everything in between you can think of. However, majority of people across the UK have this fallacious belief that owning a mobile phone and having a contract for the same go hand in hand. This is not the case as there are many SIM only contracts that can go a long way in providing you with a better deal as opposed to going for a mobile phone contract.

The understanding among many UK residents is that mobile phone contracts offer the best deal when you make a comparison with the Pay As You Go. The idea, uninformed as it may, is that going for a mobile contract has the best benefits as compared to going for a SIM only contract. Is this the case? The only way to answer this is to make a comparison of the two and hopefully, have you make a decision based on what you have learnt.

To begin with, let us take a look at mobile phone contracts. Essentially, with a mobile phone contract, you have to grapple with a number of things such as:

  • The length of the contract
  • Maximum data allowed
  • Deposit you are required to make
  • The cost you need to pay monthly
  • Quantity of minutes available for use
  • The specific device you want
  • Other offers designed to make the deal attractive

Unfortunately, majority of us fallaciously buy handsets through the mobile phone contracts without having an actual understanding of the cost we are paying for a particular mobile device as well as the cost of the service offered by a given network. Of course, this is a tactic employed by network providers designed to make their deals attractive or in Simpler terms, to hoodwink scores of people into believing that going for a mobile contract is the only way.

The belief that a mobile phone contract comes with a free handset is actually a lie. You usually pay for it monthly throughout your mobile phone contract. In fact, the principle of economics states that there is no such thing as a free lunch. What is free to you is actually a cost to someone else. Therefore, the whole marketing ploy that you get a free phone is nothing more than a marketing gimmick designed to get people to go for mobile phone contracts. In fact, if you chose to shop around and purchase a phone, you will notice that you will save money as compared to when you go for a mobile phone contract. That being said, there are indeed many benefits of going for a mobile phone contract especially if you have bad credit or does not have money to buy a new phone from the shop.

What’s more? Shopping around for a phone accords you to get one that is unlocked or you can unlock at a very small price. The advantage is that you get to go for SIM only contracts that best meet your needs and expectations. By buying a mobile phone separately and shopping around for a SIM only contract, you end up saving more money that you would with a mobile phone contract that locks you in a given network for 12 months. What’s more? SIM only contracts are for 30 days and you can always switch if you get an even better offer. However, in order to get the best SIM only contract deals, making use of comparison sites such as Comparisim is in order.

From this comparison site you can get info about all SIM contract only service providers across the UK. In conclusion, if you are not in bad credit and have the money, it’s important that you shop for a mobile phone and SIM only contract separately. You will always get a better deal that way.

Mobile phone deals no credit check

topic3Before the recession and global credit crunch set in motion, credit checks before approval of any mobile phone contracts were a norm rather than the exception. At the time, people with bad credit did not have the luxury of enjoying mobile phone deals that people with a healthy history did. They were always rejected based on their credit score and this by all means is something that did not augur well with them. However, post the global credit crunch, companies in the UK relaxed the rules and individuals with bad credit were able to get approved for mobile phone contracts without their credit rating becoming a stumbling block.

Credit checks are no longer mandatory for most mobile phone contracts across the UK. If any, most UK companies will acknowledge the fact that mobile phone deals with no credit check have immensely helped them acquire more customers than it were when credit checks were a hindrance and a means to discriminate against those with low credit score.

Mobile phone deals no credit check have given people with bad credit a new lease of life. They no longer have to feel like outcasts or as if they are second class humans simply because of their credit rating. People with a poor credit rating can now enter into a contract with majority of mobile providers and get a worthy deal for whatever package they choose. But what are some of the advantages of going for mobile phone deals no credit check?

  • As a customer, you don’t have to grapple with a lot of paper work before you can be approved.
  • Considering the fact that no credit checks are done, approval is pretty fast and within hours
  • If you are applying online, all you need to do is provide proof of where you reside and make a determined down payment that basically acts as a guarantee.
  • The application is hassle free and pretty simple.

There is no denying that the aforementioned benefits/advantages are pretty attractive for a person who has been worried sick because of their poor credit rating. However, a coin has two sides and mobile phone deals with no credit checks are not an exception. There are also limitations that people who go for them have to contend with. What are they?

  • Some mobile phone deals do not provide international calls and MMS facilities which by all means puts the applicants at a disadvantage.
  • The applicant has access to fewer mobile devices to choose from which limits their preference.
  • The upfront fee to be paid is sometimes too high and unfavorable
  • Applicants are required to commit to a period longer than the standard 12 months.

That notwithstanding, mobile phone deals no credit check provide individuals with bad credit across the UK an opportunity to work towards getting a better deal in the foreseeable future. Individuals with poor credit can get their contract revised if they always pay their bills on time. Reliability is something that mobile phone providers in the UK take seriously.

All in all, mobile phone deals with no credit checks have changed the ball game for people with bad credit. They no longer have to deal with disappointments of being declined but only need to be careful with the provider they choose to ensure that they get the best deals.

Guide to getting the best mobile phone contract deals

topic2With numerous mobile phone contract deals all over the UK, it might at times become a herculean task choosing the best. We are boggled by offers from all corners that we might at times lose focus and fall for any that we come across. Mobile phone contracts are good because:

  • You get to choose from a wide array of subsidized phones
  • You are given a period to make payments together with great data and minutes offers
  • Payment of the bills is done by direct debit and therefore is hassle free.
  • You can apply for one even with bad credit

While the benefits are attractive, getting the best deals requires that we take into consideration a number of measures. There exist thousands of mobile phone deals strewn across the UK that it might pose a challenge settling for the one with the best deals. So how do you get the best deals?

  • Make use of comparison sites

If you have tried searching for the best mobile phone contract deals, you will agree with me that you came across numerous sites offering different attractive deals. But how do you know which among those is reputable or offers the best deals? The secret is in making use of a comparison site. Such a site reviews various mobile phone contract deals and comes up with a shortlist of the best. Once you have cut down to say five sites, you can contact each one of them and only settle for one that provides you with the best deal.

  • Seek for recommendations

You can’t be the only one that is looking for a good mobile phone contract deal. Chances are that your friends or your family have in the recent past went for the same. Asking them their experience and the kind of deals they got with a particular mobile phone contract provider can give you an idea of the best ones in the market. It accords you an opportunity to get a contract with a provider who has been tried and tested and who is reputable in every aspect.

  • Providers track record

A good reputation attracts many people while a bad reputation repulses potential customers away. Take your time to check into the track record of a particular mobile phone contract provider before entering into business with them. To achieve this, you can read testimonials and even recommendations if any from customers who have engaged with them in the past. You can never go wrong by doing a small background check. After all, you want a deal that will give you the best offer while enabling you to save money.

  • Coverage

The coverage of your provider is also a major determinant on which mobile phone contract provider you go for. Yes. The track record might be stellar but the coverage in your locality in poor shape. Check the coverage of their service in your area of residence or within your locality. Additionally, try and talk to their customer service and gauge how they treat their customers. Are they polite? Do they adhere to the principles of customer relations? How do they handle customer issues? Always go for a provider that offers excellent customer service.